Our Quality Rating System
There are plenty of problems with giving a wine a score, or a rating.  The whole idea of wine tasting is necessarily subjective, and one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Our impression of a wine is impacted by the food we’re eating, the label on the bottle, the temperature of the wine, the glassware, the company we’re in, and how late in the evening it is (amongst other things).  It feels impossible to embrace all of these aspects of a tasting experience into just one score.  To say nothing for the fact that wines vary significantly from one bottle to the next.
And yet, in this day and age, it feels necessary to have some way of saying “I like this wine more or less than this other wine.”  Sure, it may change slightly from one tasting to the next, but it seems elemental to this whole experience to be able to simply state, “this is precisely how much I enjoyed this wine.”

Given the subjectivity and vagaries of the process, our quality rating system is more qualitative, reflecting our visceral response to the wine as we were drinking it.

Having said that, recognising that it is useful to be able to quickly compare the experience of drinking one wine against another, we also provide an indicative score out of 20 points.

And so, with all of that said, this is our system for rating wines:

  • Leave It Alone – Look, it really wasn’t good, and I didn’t finish what was in the glass. I might cook with it (if I was really in a fix), but outside of that, if I never see this wine again, it will be too soon. (<12/20) 60% 60%
  • If There’s Nothing Else – If there’s nothing else available to drink, you could say that this wine wasn’t offensive. It just didn’t press any pleasure buttons. (12-13/20) 60% 60%
  • One Glass Only – That was enjoyable enough for one glass, but I’m looking for something different for my next glass. (13-14/20) 60% 60%
  • Interesting – No doubt this had its shortcomings, but it had more than enough interest to keep me satisfied and coming back for more. (14-15/20) 70% 70%
  • Another Glass Please – That was really quite enjoyable, and if someone’s offering, I’ll happily have another glass. (15-16/20) 75% 75%
  • Where Did That Bottle Go? – You know, I didn’t give that wine a great deal of thought, but it did disappear much more quickly than I anticipated (between a few of us), which generally indicates an extremely good wine. (16-17/20) 80% 80%
  • Really, Very, Extremely Good – Wherever I might be drinking this wine, chances are I’m very happy. Ticks all of the boxes, and I’m really hoping that others don’t notice how good it is, so that I get another glass (or two). (17-18/20) 85% 85%
  • Special – It may appear that I’m listening to what you’re saying, but I’m actually solely focussed on this wine, and I’m nodding on auto-pilot as I’m thinking about how I can get more of it into my cellar. (18-19/20) 90% 90%
  • Epiphany – I now think about good wine in a different, better way. A bar has now been set higher for all future wines. This might not be perfect in all aspects, but it has changed me. (19-19.9/20) 95% 95%
  • Wow – So this is either perfect or dangerously close to it, and I’ll be thinking (and talking) about this wine for weeks to come. If this is the last thing I ever drink, that won’t be a bad thing at all. (20/20) 100% 100%
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Photograph by wine(refined)
Nick and Sam, Adelaide, South Australia
22 November 2016
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