Our Value Rating System
Wine(refined) is all about value. Finding the best possible quality at the best possible price. Our value system is based on very simple questions: would we buy this wine, how much of it would we buy, and would we recommend family and friends buy it.
Of course value means different things to different people. Some people will never think a $100 bottle of wine represents value, because it’s just too much to spend on wine.  Our value rating is written from the perspective of a wine tragic who won’t think twice about spending an absurd amount on a bottle of wine IF the quality is there.

Our Value Rating System is as follows:


  • Nothing to see here, there’s better value elsewhere
  • Good value, buy a case for Xmas gifts, keep a couple for yourself
  • Really good value, if you’re into (that specific style of wine)
  • Exceptional value, we’ve bought some already
  • Stupid value, get on it
  • Crazy stupid value, get on it and tell your mates to get around it
We love reviewing wine..
Photograph by wine(refined)
Nick and Sam, Adelaide, South Australia
22 November 2016
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