2015 Allies Assemblage Pinot Noir

2015 Allies Assemblage Pinot Noir

A former Chef and Sommelier, David Chapman began Allies in 2003, whilst working at Moorooduc Estate. By the look of this things have progressed quite nicely at Allies since then. Davids Philosophy is to have a very low intervention and let the quality of the wine come through. This is a belter..

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(Refined) Guide

Tasting:  Not Blind

What I’m tasting:  Fresh cherry redcurrant, sweet spice and fine suede tannin

What I’m thinking and feeling: At first I thought it was quite simple. But as it sits in the glass and you look a bit below the surface of sweet fruit you see quite a well balanced and interesting Pinot Noir.

Where we bought it:  My Cellars

Price: $40

Region:  VIC - Mornington Peninsula

Wine(refined) Value Rating :

  • Exceptional value, we’ve bought some already Stupid value, get on it

Wine(refined) Quality Rating :

  • Really, Very, Extremely Good – Wherever I might be drinking this wine, chances are I’m very happy. Ticks all of the boxes, and I’m really hoping that others don’t notice how good it is, so that I get another glass (or two). (17-18/20)


Alternative Text

Sam Millard

18 June 2017

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