2015 Eddystone Point Pinot Noir

2015 Eddystone Point  Pinot Noir

Really good release. I wasnt that impressed by previous releases but this ticks all the boxes. Clean strawberry and creams, just enough interest of undergrowth but quite clean and fresh. Cranberry acidity carriess through. Really good value and drinkability here. One to buy when your starting to get your head around pinot or you love pinot and it just goes too fast in your house.

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(Refined) Guide

Tasting:  Blind

What I’m tasting:  Strawberries, cinnamon, cranberry

What I’m thinking and feeling: This i

Where we bought it:  Cellar One

Price: $30

Region:  TAS

Wine(refined) Value Rating :

  • Really good value, if you’re into (that specific style of wine)

Wine(refined) Quality Rating :

  • Where Did That Bottle Go? – You know, I didn’t give that wine a great deal of thought, but it did disappear much more quickly than I anticipated (between a few of us), which generally indicates an extremely good wine. (16-17/20)


Alternative Text

Sam Millard

9 February 2018

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