2011 Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir

2011 Gibbston Valley  Pinot Noir

This was one of my first NZ Pinots and holds a special place in my heart so you have to read my review with that in mind. Rich but tart, sticks and undergrowth. This has alot of interesting components however doesnt quite come together. I want to like it more. This has improved in the cellar since the first bottle of 2011 I opened so it might continue to settle as time goes on. Doesnt exactly feel unbalanced as such, but just not in harmony

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(Refined) Guide

Tasting:  Not Blind

What I’m tasting:  Cherries, spice, stick

What I’m thinking and feeling: Im not sure, see above. I go from enjoying it to turning my nose up at it. It doesnt fill me with the same love as it has before. Perhaps look for a stronger vintage.

Where we bought it:  Cellar Door

Price: $45

Region:  NZ - Central Otago

Wine(refined) Value Rating :

  • Nothing to see here, there’s better value elsewhere

Wine(refined) Quality Rating :

  • One Glass Only – That was enjoyable enough for one glass, but I’m looking for something different for my next glass. (13-14/20)


Alternative Text

Sam Millard

28 March 2018

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