2014 Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling

2014 Petaluma Hanlin Hill Riesling

I cut my teeth on Clare Riesling and Barossa Shiraz. I would always buy this when a special occasion prompted it. I now celebrate differently but always generally enjoy this when I get the chance to try it. Tasted blind. A whiff of lavender and rose quite enticing. Lime juice and more lime.. Not much else to it and doesnt have the length of intensity that I previously remember. Its a few years old now so might be in a flat spot. However I think it might be an off vintage.

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(Refined) Guide

Tasting:  Blind

What I’m tasting:  Lime, Jasmin, Petrol

What I’m thinking and feeling: A little flat. Id look to other vintages or other winerys.

Where we bought it:  The Den - Now Cellarone

Price: $28

Region:  SA - Clare Valley

Wine(refined) Value Rating :

  • Nothing to see here, there’s better value elsewhere

Wine(refined) Quality Rating :

  • Interesting – No doubt this had its shortcomings, but it had more than enough interest to keep me satisfied and coming back for more. (14-15/20)


Alternative Text

Sam Millard

28 March 2018

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