2017 Sorrenberg Sauvignon Blanc

2017 Sorrenberg  Sauvignon Blanc

Quite an amazing wine. Lingering acid, quality mouth feel with good chunks of melon and citrus with a gentle vanilla/spice of wood. I cant stop sticking my nose into the glass. If your the sort of wine drinker like me that only drinks SSB once a year then make it this one. The others that typically drink SavvyB wont like it but you wont care as it leaves more for you or you might start a revolution.  I dont know where my S went on my label.

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(Refined) Guide

Tasting:  Not Blind

What I’m tasting:  Citrus, Melon, Vanilla

What I’m thinking and feeling: This is the sort of SSB I could get used to drinking

Where we bought it:  Port Admiral Hotel

Price: $38

Region:  VIC - Yarra Valley

Wine(refined) Value Rating :

  • Really good value, if you’re into (that specific style of wine)

Wine(refined) Quality Rating :

  • Really, Very, Extremely Good – Wherever I might be drinking this wine, chances are I’m very happy. Ticks all of the boxes, and I’m really hoping that others don’t notice how good it is, so that I get another glass (or two). (17-18/20)


Alternative Text

Sam Millard

31 January 2018

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