Samples Policy
In order to bring up-to-date information to consumers it is the tough part of our job to taste as many wines as we can. We’re always grateful to wine producers and businesses for the provision of sample bottles of wine, either for review, or more commonly as part of a specific deal or promotion on a particular wine.  This is particularly beneficial with “mystery” wines, as it’s difficult for us to recommend a “mystery” wine without tasting it or knowing what it is.


To ensure that we maintain objectivity, and that there is no suggestion of anything underhand,  we do have a couple of simple rules and guidelines relating to sample bottles:

  1. If we don’t like a wine or don’t think it fits what our consumers would like we simply will not mention it. We are strong believers of “If you have nothing positive to say, say nothing at all”. We understand wine preference can be subjective and would hate to bring down a wine that will appeal to many other people. We do try to keep a very open mind when trying wine and appreciate all varietals.
  1. If we love the sample we will typically mention it a number of ways. This will mainly be in the form of a “Deal” post which will feature the best possible deal available for consumers. We may often feature the sample via instagram with an image of us tasting, twitter post , Facebook post and a tasting feature post on the website.
  1. Links will be used on the Website, Facebook and instagram will link back to the winery/retailer.
  1. Please leave a brief note indicating the context of the sample (eg. Requesting review, part of EOFY promotion, “mystery” wine with associated web link etc.)
  2. We will never reveal the identity of any “mystery” wine (Although these are probably the most important to taste). We understand the “mystery” wine handshake, and will never undermine the relationships built between producers and retailers.
  1. Please send samples to – Attn Sam Millard, PO BOX 241 Magill, Magill

We reserve the right to change an adapt this samples policy at any time however we think this is pretty straight forward and can’t imagine there will be many issues. If you would like to discuss this further please email us admin@winerefined.com.au


Send us through your samples to review..
Photograph by wine(refined)
Nick and Sam, Adelaide, South Australia
22 November 2016
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