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Wondering what your 2006 Basket press is drinking like right now? Have a search through our site to see a wide range of reviews.


Our Aim is to become the number one spot for wine related events. It doesn’t cost event organisers anything to post their events on our site and with this we aim to provide you, the wine enthusiast a guide to all the best wine related events in the country.

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Reviews and News

Wine(refined) is designed to give you honest, unbiased opinions and user-friendly resources to help you find and drink better wine.  Whenever the feeling takes us, we’ll update the website with reviews of wine we’re drinking, new release wine deals that we think should be in everyone’s cellar, or anything else wine-related that we think might interest you.


We’re excited to be bringing together the most comprehensive and user-friendly calendar of Australian Wine Events on the Web.  As wine enthusiasts/drinkers/geeks, we’ve always wanted to have an on-line, up-to-date calendar of any tasting/festival/event related to wine anywhere in Australia, so that if we’re heading to Tasmania next weekend, we can plan our trip around the wine we want to taste.  And after getting frustrated about the lack of such a calendar, we’ve set about creating it.

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